"Where a hue collides with a surface is a true moment of experience."
"It's key that colour and tactility be well considered but above all purposeful for applications, products, services. I consult and help navigate future trends and create smart, empathetic, and planet-aware palettes that connect on a deeper level creating genuine and wide appeal for clients in tech, packaging, interiors and design.
Striving to work collaboratively with small manufactures and global brands on meaningful innovation projects, helping them find their colour and aesthetics in line with their processes, identity, story and values; with sustainability, positive impact and longevity in mind. 
With trend insights, I create bespoke end solutions in colour, materials, product-design and visual brand identity. " 
Laura Perryman


> Trend and consumer intelligence 
Colour, MATERIAL & FINISH consultancy 
> Material research & innovation 
> Creative direction & visual strategy
> Sustainability strategy 
> workshops & SPEAKING EVENTS 

BIO / Laura Perryman
Colour & Material Consultant, Editor & Author 
Laura Perryman is a colour and materials designer and trend forecaster, living in London, UK, who holds a Master's degree in Textile Design from The Royal College of Art, London.
Her in-depth background in colour, knowledge of key materials in manufacture, and critical understanding of the trend prediction process have enabled the creation of innovative design directions, brand colour guidelines, and material development for globally renowned and respected companies.
Laura's professional background encompasses diverse industry sectors, from lifestyle, transport design through to digital. She has created unique Colour, Materials and Finish design for future-forward innovation firms in-house at Arrival, Nokia, and Speedo, and has consulted with brands such as 3M Post-it, Sainsbury’s, DuPont Corian, to create category leading colour identities for new products. She’s led strategic consumer-driven forecasting projects for clients such as Panasonic Europe, Antron, Comex, Procter & Gamble and Crown Packaging PLC and created engaging and insightful future reports for trend forecasting agencies including WGSN and Beautystreams.
Laura’s work has featured in Architectural Digest, House & Garden and Business Week. She was the recipient of a prestigious colour award from the Society of Dyers and Colourists and her innovative surface designs received the prize for Inclusive Interior: Design for our Future Selves from CABE, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. Laura regularly lectures at universities, including Nottingham Trent, University of the Arts, London, and The Royal College of Art.
She is currently on the board of trustees for The Colour in Design Awards, a non-profit organisation that supports graduates and designers to explore colour further in their practice.
Laura currently directs Colour of Saying, a UK-based CMF Design Studio, focused on future-forward circular and emotionally-connected colour and material design, insights, and experiences for brands and organisations.
With an extensive knowledge of colour and trends, Laura delivers research-based strategic insight and inspiration to global companies in the lifestyle, design and manufacturing sectors. Scoping out future design drivers, changes in consumer habits, innovative new materials and technologies and presenting them in inspiring trend reports, design editorial, public exhibitions and events. 

As a consultant, Laura offers actionable insight onto the emerging field of sustainable colour. Approaching each palette design with a unique sense and purpose to the materials it which it will infuse. Colour forms a part of what it means to be circular and reduce waste. Specialising in creative solutions that enable brands to choose more considered forms of colour, helping them clearly communicate in light of increasing consumer awareness. 

Where materials are made, and what they are made from is an increasingly important topic, Laura helps companies scope sustainable materials and how to turn them into opportunities. With research, Laura helps brands navigate their material and texture choices, helping them take an ethical, and mindful approach, through sourcing and curating unique material insights with inspiring sampling. 

Laura helps strategically bring to life brand values into visual and digital assets for companies. She consults on how to communicate a strong and coherent visual identity through colour, materials, graphic design,  photography and editorial content. 
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