A material innovation project where craft processes inspire a new approach to design and manufacture. 

Nokia Craft Collaborations; featuring metal samples made by Jo Hayes Ward.

Name: Craft Collaborations   
Client: Nokia 
Industry: Consumer Electronics 
Collaborators: Nokia CMF Vision Team & Lee Irvine

Nokia Craft Collaborations; featuring metal samples made by Esther Lord.

‘Craft collaborations’ was a research project designed to stimulate conversation and thinking around materials for Nokia. A series of collaborations between Nokia Colour and Material Design team and craft makers, including Heather Gilespie, Jo Hayes Ward and Esther Lord were established to focus on three main material process themes: surface effects in blown glass, investigating digital crafts such as rapid manufacturing and exploring handmade finish possibilities in metal
The result was exhibition and unique library of provocative material samples, workshops and design discussions, that inspired Nokia business wide, from senior leadership to industrial designers to think differently when designing with key materials.
As part of Nokia’s Colour and Material Vision team, Laura co-directed and designed the creative briefs for the makers, art directed the collection samples, inspirational photography,  creative workshops and exhibition design.
The project went on to inspire digital (UX/UI) and hardware design for advanced tech devices at Nokia and informed a unique vision process as well as developments with Nokia's supplier base. 
Nokia is an innovative global leader in 5G, networks and phones, creating the technology to connect the world. 

Nokia Craft Collaborations; featuring glass samples made by Heather Gilespie. 

Craft Collaborations Exhibition, London, UK 
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