An innovative trend publication to inspire architects and interior designers.
Name: Inspiring Cultures Trend Book
Client: Comex 
Industry: Paint, Architecture & Interior Design
Collaborators: Global Color Research, Rare Creative

In collaboration with Global Color Research, Laura designed and edited the ColorLife Trend Book for paint manufacturer Comex. Hosting a unique trend meeting in Seattle, Laura led a collaborative creative workshop with other design and architectural professionals to garner four colour design themes significant for near future interiors. 

Using expertise in colour consultancy and art direction, Laura carefully selected colour palettes and art directed bespoke photography, to express the each unique trend story. Beautifully mounted painted colour swatches are paired with recycled uncoated paper stocks and nod to a more considered aesthetic, underpinned in the trend drivers.
Comex Group is the fourth largest paint manufacturer and distributor of paints products in North America, with 3,300 locations. The trend book is annual piece of thought-leadership and research pivoting colour futures, further cementing the company as a trend leader for the decorative interior design industry.
Trend 01 / Refine 
A calm and clean visual aesthetic creates a modern mood in REFINE. 
Materials, objects and spaces are stripped back showing their natural textures and tactility. Pale shades and soft reflective materials bring smoothing qualities to interiors, and restore a sense of balance. 
Trend 02/ Renew 
Imperfection is beautiful. 
With a renewed focus on using materials we have to hand, the beauty in time worn effects brings honesty back to design. Renew's palette explores faded neutrals paired with offbeat muted pinks and yellow helps bring a sense of authenticity back to interior design. 
Trend 03/ Rebirth 
Celebrating the joy of being true to inner selves, REBIRTH brings a positive outlook and encourages us to find unique and personal creative expressions.
A new energy welcomes a return to craft making, updated with an expressive approach to colour and materials. A bright and spontaneous mix of colour energises community spaces. 

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